July 30 - August 3 (Week 1): Introduction to the Design Thinking Process 
What is Design Thinking? How does it work? 
We’ll do some exercises to familiarize ourselves with the process and help us get into the Design Thinking mindset.

August 6 - 10 (Week 2): Discovery & Interpretation Phase 
I have a challenge. How do I approach it? I learned something. How do I interpret it? 
We’ll define a group challenge, prepare research, and gather inspiration. To interpret, we’ll tell stories, look for patterns, and frame our opportunities.

August 13 - 17 (Week 3): Ideation
We have a better understanding of our challenge. What are some solutions? 
Now we brainstorm. No idea is wrong or too stupid. This week, we generate ideas, and refine them.

August 20 - 24 (Week 4): Experimentation & Evolution 
I see an opportunity: What do I create? I tried something new: How can I use it? 
We’ll create prototypes and refine them using real world feedback.

August 27-31 (Week 5): The Future 
In our final week, we’ll work to apply Design Thinking in our school or community setting. 
At the end of the five weeks, the content will be archived, but we will continue the conversation about Design Thinking in education on Edutopia.org and social media.

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